Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing New

I have no idea why I think I should be blogging right now! it is 5:37 P.M. and we have church at 7:00. I worked today and rushed home to get Jalen to his orthodontist appt. So glad I rushed because we waited for 35 min. before they called him back!!! We were in there for over an hr. I do believe that is the hardest thing for me to do---WAIT------when you are thinking of everything you have to do! Jeff always tries to get me to relax about stuff like that but it doesn't seem to help.
Anyone with cute,cheap ideas for crafts let me know. I'm trying to take a craft when I volunteer on Thurs. at our school. Kids are in grades 1-3. I can find things but it's hard to find things that don't cost! Sooo, I have to find something for tomorrow. Also have to cook a meal tomorrow for a new mother at church sooooo as I said what on earth am I doing blogging??
I've been on a cleaning out rampage. When I get more done I'll try to take some pictures. Don't think I ever posted pics of my newly painted kitchen and my laundry room is close to being done.
So, since I have absolutely nothing exciting or interesting to say I think I'll sign off off for now.

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