Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Now that it is over I can share that I had a birthday March 6th. I think I turned 29 give or take a few years!!! I will say that I have 2 good long years before I start on that slippery downhill slope!hehe Anyway, Jeff got me a camera as you all know but the kids wanted to get me something so he took them to Walmart and they got me a nice case for my new camera. They were pretty pleased with themselves. They always pick out one of those music cards too! I have to not say anything about the fact that they are $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!and he lets Jalen and Jaida get one for me!hehe
Jaida wasn't pleased that I didn't have a birthday cake so she and Janae made one for me. Janae put chocolate chips on it in a heart shape. It was very cute and thoughtful of them!

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