Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break!

It has finally arrived! The kids are so excited. I am glad they get a much needed break from school work! I'm a little sad that we aren't going to Fla. this year. We have gone for the last 3 yrs. We like to stay for 2 weeks and with Jordan and Janae being in 9th grade I was afraid to take them out an extra week so we plan on going right after school is out and then we can stay and not worry about anything. They only have 7 more weeks of school left. I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Blows my mind that Jordan and Janae only have 3 more years left!
Jeff is taking them camping on Fri. if it isn't poring down rain. They are excited about that. They have decided that no tents are allowed they all have to make there own shelter. My shelter will be my own cozy bed! I tell them that I camped out my entire youth and I'm over it!ha! (I would break down and go if it was far away but not just out in the country in Frankfort--that's too close to home).
I'm hoping we will have some good weather so the kids can play outside. It is rainy and muddy today.
I plan on gettting a little spring cleaning of the basement and yard done this week! The kids think that will just be torture but it will be so nice to get a head start on some of that stuff. I am soooo embarrassed at how bad it looks! Please don't anyone take a drive down my driveway to the back yard! Janae made a huge pillow for our dog Pepper and it only lasted about 1 week until she had it ripped open and the white stuffing has been gracing the whole back yard ever since. Not to mention the trash, junk etc.!
Well, sorry for the boring post, I'll report back in later hopefully with some more exciting things! Until then---Happy Spring everyone!


Ronda said...

Happy Spring Break to you as well...we are on break, too! We are just "chillin" this week and it feels GREAT!

Janiece said...

Sounds like we are doing some of the same things this week; cleaning out closets, cleaning up the yard and garage. Just think, we will have ours all done (spring cleaning) and out of the way and those that are having fun on vacation won't even be started, HA!

Kagahn said...

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