Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cleaning fiasco

Seeing the picture of the entry way on Martha's blog jogged my memory! It reminded me of a beautiful house I used(notice past tense)to clean. It was very expensive and had glass, marble tile, gold, black colors etc. The lady told us that the rug in the entry way cost $10,000(Just to give you an idea what kind of class these people were in!) Anyway, one day Rachel and I were cleaning and I was coming down the white plush carpeted steps, much to my dismay the toilet bowl cleaner flipped out of the cleaning bucket. I hadn't gotten the lid on tight so it flew off and I stood speechless as the blue cleaner tumbled down the whole flight of steps spraying cleaner and landed on the marble tile floor!!!! The lady was home of course and she didn't try in anyway to make me fell ok about it! She immediately called her carpet guy who came right away and got the blue out of the carpet. The bad part was when she called me that night and said the cleaner had gotten on the marble floor and had ruined the finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying! Once again she didn't try to make me feel ok about it! So, then she tells me that she got an estimate on fixing the floor and it would be $5,000. I about fainted! This was several years ago and even though that is alot of money now---it was alot more then! Well, I thought that seemed a little excessive so as I was cleaning the office I just happened to be looking around for the estimate. It was in plain view on the desk. Kind of funny----she was going to get all of her floors redone, her counters in her bathrooms, and her kitchen floor and I guess I was responsible for it! So, Jeff made a call to her husband who said he didn't know anything about all that and not to worry about it at all! So, long story short---she was not very friendly from then on so I waited for a couple of months and quit!!!!!

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Sharra said...

I cleaned house with Tamra a couple of times when we were in college and I remember being so nervous about breaking something. I can't imagine what you went through. I give you credit for staying on a little longer, I wouldn't have gone back after that.