Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Family Room

I picked the wrong time of the day to take these pictures. I just had a picture of the kids from the fall blown up to poster size at Walmart for 15.00. If I had known I was getting a new camera I probably would have taken a new picture. I had seen the little black mirrors at Walmart and they were on clearance but still more than I wanted to pay. Then they were all gone and I was sad. The other day when I was in there there were 4 packs and they were $5 ea.!!! Kind of a pain to hang(ask Jeff).
I also finally got the rest of my curtain panels. I found these brown velvet panels before Christmas and bought one to try. I liked it but didn't want to spend the money right then----bad decision. When I was ready to get them they too were on clearance and I had to keep looking at different Walmarts-----I held out and finally got 4 panels. It just took me a month or so!ha! I think it's all finally coming together. I just need some new chairs in there and I'll be allllll done!


tacomom said...

I feel your pain :) I bought a curtain for my dining room that I had looked and looked for. I didn't know what I wanted and that window was set really low but Tony put a faux frame on the wall to give the illusion of a taller window. But I need just the right kind of valance or curtain to put there. Finally found it and then decided a couple months later that the same one would look great on my TALL windown in my kitchen. But I can't find anymore anywhere :(

tacomom said...

Wow, ignore all those typos and grammatical errors. I can't type today.

Martha C said...

I like it! (oohing and ahhing)