Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Baskets

They all love getting Easter Baskets. When I was a kid I ranked Easter right up there with Christmas. I'm sure it was because my Grandma made it very special for my Mom who in turn made it very special for us. Therefore, I feel it my duty to make it special for my kids. Jordan looks very unimmpressed but he liked what he got don't let him fool you!


Michelle said...

You're never too old for an Easter basket, I say!!

Carrie said...

Thanks Michelle! Robert seems to disagree, so I had to buy my own Easter candy this year. :(

Ok, Julie, don't tell me that I see Beef Jerky in Janae's basket!! I used to get so excited when mom would put jerky in my Easter Basket and Christmas stocking!

Julie Waggoner said...

yes, Carrie you did see beef jerky. I saw that while checking out and thought of Janae. Jordan about had a fit that she ate it that morning right before heading to church---he said that gives her bad breath!!!ha