Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bunch of nothing

Sorry, for the lack of blogging. I'm just not having anything interesting to blog about. It was pointed out to me at IHC that I have never taken pictures of Jordan's room since it has been finished. I wanted to decorate it a little first but since that isn't happening I will try to get pictures of it tomorrow!
We have been busy but not with anything specific---just life in general. Kids only have 4 weeks of school left. They are very ready for summer break. I think I am too;). Jaida has been going outside as soon as she gets home from school and staying out all evening. I love it when they can play like that and you don't have to tell them to get off the computer, videos, etc.!!
Well, if anything really exciting happens here in this neck of the woods I will be sure to let everyone know about it!!!

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