Friday, April 18, 2008

I guess it's official my Dad is getting old. Jalen told me that when Grandpa picked him up from school on Wed. he didn't go over 25mph the whole way home. He said he watched the speedometer. He told me that it took forever to get home and he was so bored!hehe Just thought you might want to know that dad. I know he must be old because when we were kids we zipped all over town.


Jody J said...

Oh, my word, I know!! I finally figured out it's because he knows half the town and he's making sure he waves at everyone he knows.

Julie Waggoner said...

yes, he is quite the friendly person! I saw him in Akards on Wed. Morning and the lady that works there(that I see quite alot---due to the great cappicino they serve)said "hi, Mark". I'm like how do you know her---she rented from him years ago---she told me when he left how much she liked Dale and Dad!