Friday, April 11, 2008


The last major project was this mirror and vanity. I'm afraid everyone will really gasp at this---sorry. It was still in good shape but was a golden oak color. I've been wanting to paint it for a long time to give it a little update and finally took the plunge. I love it!
I'm sure my grandparents would just die if they read my blog!:)(I forgot to take a picture of the vanity prior to painting--rats!)
I'm curious how many of you think I'm nuts and how many like it better??? Let me know.(if you enlarge the pic you will notice the drawer pull is missing--I have a cool stainless one but the srews were too short so I have to make a trip to Kramer)


Ronda said...

I LOVE it! You are very creative and do a great job of decorating! I enjoy seeing all of your "before and after" pictures!

Bobbie said...

you do a wonderful job each time you redecorate. i would love to have your talent in this area. Good job and keep posting.

Zololkis said...

See Please Here