Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cypress Gardens

We went to Cypress Gardens yesterday. I actually went there when I was probably 7 or 8 yrs. old. They now have an amusement park there too. (who knows it may have been there for 30 yrs.) It was half the price of all the other parks (seaworld, disney, etc.)here in Florida and when you leave for the day you can get your tickets upgraded to a second day free of charge. They had 50 rides and a ski show and pirate show. The kids had a blast. Jaida was tall enough to ride everything but one rollercoaster and the bumper cars. There were no lines and the kids rode everything over and over. We all felt a little woozy when we left. Definitely got our monies worth. Jeff has to do some work so guess who gets to take them back tomorrow???? Yep, you guessed it---me. I'm starting to think I'm crazy! It's just hard for me to know that we can go 2 days for the price of 1! I feel obligated to take advantage of that!ha One thing I've never quite understood about amsuement parks is the fact that they make you pay for parking????? So, what do they think you are going to do park down the road?-It makes no sense to me except for the fact that it is just another way to get your money. Kind of like the way they can charge $2.50 for a small coke? They know they got ya there and you have to eat!
I actually got up at the crack of dawn today--8:00 A.M. ha! So, it's almost 12:00A.M. and I'm tired.
I will definitely be busy from here on out. Fri. we will find a place to go for fireworks and Sat. I will be cleaning up the house and packing. We will prbably leave Sunday night. Boohoo!
I thought it was funny---I have always loved July 4th. I think I passed that love to my kids. When we were planning to come and I realized we would be gone over the 4th I told Jeff we should come home for the fireworks. He thought I was crazy so I said ok. Then when each kid found out at different times they each had the same reaction---no we have to be home on the 4th--ha! They want to be in their own town in the back of the truck watching fireworks at the same little park they always have! But, we are in Florida---I'm quite sure they probably have just as good of fireworks as little ole Frankfort!haha! It's just the tradition.
Pray for me that I will hold up another day at Cypress Gardens. My body felt very, very, very old yesterday when we left!!!!!hehe! I never understood why Mom never really wanted to ride rides. I'm just finally getting there-ha! I'm starting to really like watching. Kind of sad huh?
Hope everyone has a great July 4th!


Michelle said...

I haven't been on a ride like that in probably 9 years!!!

Leah said...

Julie, for fireworks around here there are plenty of options. BUT, on Saturday evening our family and another family from church are going to the St Lucie Mets ballgame and there will be fireworks there afterwards! Its a blast! Let me know if you want the details!!