Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny Story

This may not be funny at all on here but I have been laughing all week when I think of this story. It's funny how we are finding out things that our kids have done that they have never told us. Janae shared a story with me the other day, it went something like this-----
I was working and Grandma was babysitting. Jordan and Janae decided to go to the library. They were about 12 she thought. Jordan's bike had a flat so Janae got on her bike and tied a rope around her waist. Jordan got on his rollerblades and tied a rope around his waist.(need I even finish the story???) They were getting along just fine. Then she said "Mom you know that street that has a telephone pole right in the middle of the side walk?hehehehe. Well, Janae went around it and didn't realize Jordan went around it too only on the other side! She said--"I'm riding along and all of a sudden I'm jerked off my bike---I look over and Jordan is jerked so hard that his feet fly up in the air and he lands on his bottom! I have gotten soooo many laughs over that this week. I said to her--
why didn't you just let him hold onto the rope--she said "Mom, we were 12 years old, we weren't that intelligient!hehe

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