Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun, Fun, and more Fun

I survived another day at Cypress Gardens! I got soaked, spun, scared, sick, sunburned, and sore!ha! I think I've had enough rides to do me for a LONG time! Today Jalen rode the tower thing! He had the same look of terror on his face as Jeff did yesterday. When he got off he was white as a sheet. He says he might ride it again someday when he is 20yrs. old!ha We got to see a new show today--acrobats. Wow--now that's amazing. As we were watching Jalen leaned over and said----shall we say flexible! I said I wonder how often they visit their chiropractor? Once again the day started off not too hot and then by 3:00 we thought we were dying and then around 4:00 a cool breeze blew in with a little rain and it was wonderful! Jaida wanted me to ride the water slide with her. It was really fun but I got wet and was kind of miserable then the rest of the day.
Well, everyhing is winding down and I have alot of work to do to get ready to leave. Since this isn't a motel I am the maid. So, I will begin my fun cleanup tomorrow. I started trying to organize stuff yesterday, Jeff got all worried and asked me if I was starting to rope off areas!ha! I usually start cleaning a day or so before we leave and start locking doors and not allowing anyone in! One good thing is we won't be catching a plane at 5 A.M. as usual.
If I don't get anything posted I'll catch ya all when I get home!
P.S. I hope I never ever, ever see a McDonalds again for as long as I live!! Just the thought of it about makes me sick! I think I might actually want to cook when I get home---not just do it out of necessity. We need a good cleansing to rid our bodies of all the junk, fast food stuff!hehe

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Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the time when we took Susan and Travis to kings Island they were about 11. They got off the Blue Racer and Susan wanted to get back on. Travis (who but him would admit it) said "no Susan, I was singing Thank you Jesus for saving my soul all the time we were riding".