Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home At Last

We made it back home! We left at 7:30 P.M. Sunday and arrived home at 1:30 P.M. Monday. We were almost to our exit and there had been a fatal accident at 28 and I65 so we were stuck in traffic for 30 min. ugh! So, close and then had to wait.
I did all of the laundry there so it has been sooo much easier getting unpacked etc. We were pretty tired yesterday but I feel OK today.
My kids say they are only flying from now on and they weren't the ones driving!ha
It is kind of strange getting everything back to normal and trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing around here! For some reason the grass didn't stop growning while we were gone and the bills didn't stop coming. So, I'm just trying to get caught up on everything.
Jenny was sooo gracious to loan out our house while we were gone. Some of her friends were cooking at Pilgrim Camp here in town and needed a place to stay. So, Jenny being Jenny called and asked if they could stay here. I panicked a little but I had cleaned my house(thank God)before we left.(I don't always have time to do that before vacation)So we had company and didn't even see them. She said she had them over after church on Sunday night with their kids and spouses and they all came over and took a tour of my house!eeeek! I was just thinking who was here to explain things like-----I'm not finished with that yet, and I really don't like that chair in here and sorry this room is a little messy etc.ha! Oh well, I guess they survived without knowing all that.
Well, I have to work tomorrow so I need to go to bed!
P.S Did I mention in a previous post that I forgot my camera and Beth W. sent it to me????? Well, yes she did and that was soooo thoughtful of her---only one problem, I forgot to tell Jenny to put my battery charger in the case. I didn't feel like spending $49.00 on a charger that I didn't need. So, the only pics I got were from a throw away camera~GRRRRRRR~~~~~Oh by the way I did get one picture before the battery died!


Leah said...

I am so sorry that we did not get to see you all when you were down here but glad you had a good time!!

Michelle said...

Did you see that car? Pics on Jconline.com - it was split completely in half!

Glad ya'll made it home safe!

Julie Waggoner said...

Thanks Leah--that's Ok!

Michelle, No I didn't see pics but I was just thinking this post sounded like I didn't care that someone got killed!!! We didn't know it at the time but I was worried about it! It kind of makes waiting in traffic or 30min. seem pretty trivial even if we were dog tired!(just wanted to clear that up!--I actually do have a heart)

Michelle said...

I wasn't even thinking that! I was just amazed at how the front end of the car was still on the road and the back end was in the ditch several feet away. Sad thing is 3 people did get killed and their ages were 23, 19 and 18! :o(

Anonymous said...

I was one of Jennys friends who saw your house while you were gone and I absolutly loved it! It was like a picture out of a magazine. Mindy Rauschenberger

Julie Waggoner said...

Thanks Mindy for the compliment!(you are way to gracious) Sorry I couldn't be here!

Anonymous said...

for anyone not being to julie's house..it is adorable. actually her mother and sisters are the same way, born decorators. i was at jenny's once for Easter dinner and her kit. cbts were painted orange and I fell in love with them, went home redone my whole kit. and when my husband went to work the kit. cbts were white when he came home they were orange and he never to this day ever said wow what happened. but oh well i set a picture upside down on the fireplace recently just to see if he noticed, it stayed that way for a week until i finally said enough he only notices if i spend to much money.