Saturday, July 12, 2008


Isn't it amazing what a little bribe of money will do for a kid? Any of you out there have a 10yr old that has to wear headgear and retainer every night? Well, getting them to is like pulling teeth(pardon the pun). I would tell Jalen every night last thing---put your headgear in! The next morning he had "forgotten" conveniently. We even tried grounding him etc. So, Monday morning I told him if he would wear that thing everynight without missing until his next appt. I would give him $20(more than I would normally give for something but he is saving money for a computer). Kind of funny---he hasn't missed a night and I haven't even reminded him! He wrote a note to himself on his white board in his room it says-----

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tacomom said...

that is hilarious! Yep, money will do the trick around here almost every time :)