Sunday, October 7, 2007

No More Work!

To all of you out there that felt sorry for me(ha)all the work--well most of it--got done. We had a nice time this evening. Food was good fellowship was fun and everyone had a good time. The best part of it is I'm beginning the week with a cleaner house than normal!! Yea!! Sundays are sooo hard around here keeping everything straightened up. When company is coming it is a must so tomorrow will be sooooo much easier! So now I can start feeling sorry for everyone that didn't have company this weekend!


tacomom said...

The place that we were supposed to go for fellowship had a cancellation and so did Durgan's, so our groups consolidated. Bobbie and Matt were bummed to have done a bunch of extra work for nothing but just think, they didn't have to clean up before AND after the fellowship :) She said she'd be able to have someone else over later in the week now :):)

Julie Waggoner said...

I've been telling Bobbie I would like to see her house. Maybe this would be the perfect time to "pop in"