Sunday, October 21, 2007


Nothing like news that company is coming to get me in gear! We are starting small groups at our church and I was asked to host on Wed. Sooo, since I've had a red sofa in my entry way for several days I think I better paint a room tomorrow! I picked out a tan color so if I do what I normally do, it will make a good base coat!ha~ Jeff always asks what my second color is going to be--I'm never quite satisfied unless I've painted the entire room and trimmed it out 2 or 3 times with 2 colors. I want to get all the painting done tomorrow so I can clean up a bit before everyone shows up on Wed. night.
In other news Jalen has played two games of flag football with the YMCA and won both times. Of course he might not always win but he is having fun and he needed something to do.
In other other news Jordan had a recheck again on his ear and although he still doesn't have full hearing back it did not have fluid on it this time and the ear drum graft(I think that's what he called it)is healing. So, that is alot to be thankful for. He probably will never have all his hearing back but it could have been worse after surgery and its not!
Can not believe we are in the 9th week of school! Whew! How time does fly!


The Going Blog said...

Can't wait to see how the sofa looks --in your living room :)

tacomom said...

I couldn't remember if you told me what color you chose or not :) I HOPE my choice looks good with the red furniture!! I hate how one "simple" purchase like furniture totally makes me need to redecorate. I don't WANT to think about where to put the pictures and if I need new ones...UGH! Picking a color and painting was stress enough. I actually cried the other day b/c my house is a total disaster from all this. (can you tell I HATE change?)

Janiece said...

We have been busy getting our house ready for company this week too. I know I will feel much better after it is done! --I heard Jalen did a great job at the game Saturday, I heard he is a very good player, way to go Jalen!

Julie W said...

He was quarter back both times he made a touch down. Jeff said he is afraid to throw the ball so he just makes his own touch down!ha