Thursday, October 11, 2007


A conversation I had with the kids on the way to school today jogged my memory a bit about my childhood---I remember when everytime my Dad(hi dad if you are reading this:)would lose something the first thing he would say was "girls where did you put so and so" and it might be my hammer, my saw etc. I never could understand that as a child because normally I hadn't taken it. Now as a parent I fully understand. It can be the stupidist thing you are missing and automatically you just know--it had to be the kids. Probably 90% of the time they actually know where the thing is you are looking for. Now back to the conversation in the van this morning. Janae says--yeah, remember that big snow we had and dad said he was going to go out and get the snow blower and clear the driveway? He comes back in and says kids I can't find the snow blower--where is it!! I'm just wandering if he really thought they had been playing with the snowblower??? I haven't asked him about this but it sure has given me something to chuckle about today!(By the way the snowblower had been stolen along with about everything else that was any good at all that we had stored in our shed--(that's a subject for a whole other post)--of course they left the junk!


tacomom said...

That is a hoot! I'm laughing out loud!!

Jody J said...

That's hilarious! I can just see Jaida taking the snowblower up to her room!