Thursday, October 4, 2007

Work, Work, and more Work

Well, friends and loved ones I must say that I have a full schedule from here on out this week. We are also having fellowship here on Sunday night with 16 people invited plus us. So, that's a grand total of 22. Therefore I need to kick into high gear tomorrow. My couch will be in tomorrow and we will probably pick it up but the room isn't painted. I'm trying to not let myself think that I have time to paint a room, clean the humongous house, get groceries, and cook(not even mentioning all those "little" projects I somehow think I need to tackle before company comes) before Sunday. Oh, and go to UBC days on Sat. So, everyone that's kicked back for the weekend with alllll of your work done(forgot to mention laundry too)think about me---no I'm not whining at all----just think about poor little ole me!!!!hehe


Angie Davis said...

I'm painting the livingroom ceiling and working at Gymboree this weekend and my house is going to require a miracle to be ready for our company. What was I thinking?!

Julie W said...

You are thinking the same thing I am usually thinking---not thinking! Don't know why I save projects for when company comes! I do usually get alot done though!
Julie W
Good Luck!

Tamra said...

We'll be thinking of you. Hope it somehow all gets done. Wouldn't it be nice if magic wands really did work?