Monday, October 29, 2007


I totally failed to wish my sisters a Happy Birthday on my blog. I'm sure they are totally crushed!! They were twins born 7 yrs. apart!:) Jenny turned 40 and Jody turned 33 on Oct. 27th. Jody was Jenny's 7th birthday present. It worked out good for me because Grandma felt sorry for me and always brought me a little present on their birthday. Hope you two had a great birthday. Jody don't feel bad---we will throw you a big party in 7 years!


Michelle said...

I didn't know they shared a birthday! How neat.

Kelcee is the lucky one too, because Steven and Ashlee's birthday are the 22nd and 23rd of February and so that she isn't the only one without a gift to open, she does get a little something which makes her happy!

Jody J said...

You'll be too old to throw a party for me! :)