Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is to clarify my last post. I guess I should point out the fact that I am self employed(cleaning business)so I don't pay taxes all year. Jeff has his own business so he pays through out the year but you never know how it will end up. Sooooo, to all of you who thought we were rich and rolling it in----sorry to disappoint! I will say it did cross my mind that if we have to pay it's because we did OK but... I still would rather not have to pay!!! I just figured up our medical bills out of pocket for last year----over $4000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!! So, believe me any extra was eaten up or in our case heard up(ear surgery)hehe!

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Bobbie said...

Most people I know whom are self employed are not overly rich. That is why we have to pay in. It seemed we would do okay during the year but when it came tax time and you had to pay it all back it isn't so okay then.