Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is for angie. She asked on Travis' blog about this recipe so I thought I would share it with anyone who was interested. Go to his blog for the recipe for the spaghetti noodles with garlic, olive oil etc. That is what I put with this and it was sooo delicious. The thing I really liked was the fact that I got to enjoy something other than greenbeans and corn and my kids could just eat the chicken off the top! They loved it.(unfortunately I can't get them to like baked zucchini)I bought fresh tomatoes at Wal-Mart in a plastic container(Campari brand)and they were soooo good. I don't like tomatoes this time of year so I was pleasantly surprised.

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Angie Davis said...

Julie, you're awesome! That sounds so good. I can imagine my three guys' reaction to the zucchini, but I'll eat it for them.