Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Wondering...

Am I the only one who:
Feels like it's the end of the world if I just got downstairs and forgot something upstairs.
Always have a little pile of something lying on the steps that goes up or down.
Usually doesn't get the last load of towels out of the dryer before the next laundry day.
Feels like the work is just never done:)
Can't wait for spring this year.
Has alot of things to do and is sitting here wasting time
Or is blogging considered a waste of time?
can't seem to get on a regular exercising program(I once was and felt sooo much better)
Would love to go on a vacation to a tropical island tomorrow!!!!
Just wondering????


Simply Stork said...

hello Julie,

I hear ya when your talking about the "stuff" that needs to be stairs look the same way...always needing to actually take things are not alone in that one...I am so exausted...and I too cannot wait until spring...although I know spring cleaning usually followes...arg...I think it's time to get another cup of coffee :o)

I use a cannon rebel xti...a lovely gift from my husband after the baby was born...there are more bells and whistles than I know what to do with...but I love it :o)


Martha C said...

Loved the note and reports! Laundry is a main reason I like my one level home.

Julie Waggoner said...

Martha--I am blessed in the fact that my laundry room is on the second level by all the kids bedrooms! Don't know what I would do if it wasn't!

tacomom said...

I have been trying to do better about just going back up to get whatever. I used to be lazy and do without it or send one of the kids :P
I have clothes piled on three steps as I type and often do, much to Tony's chagrin :)
Yes, I usually have a load left in the dryer that gets tossed about 5 times before they finally get folded. loL!
The work never IS done!
I hate spring b/c I hate mud. Can we just skip it and go to summer?
I have a dishwasher to load and too many other things to mention and I'm sitting here wasting time :)
Exercise, what's that? the kids get to stay home?

Angie Davis said...

Amen, sister. Somehow this winter has seemed worse than most. I think it's the grad school for us, but I watched the snow last night and could have cried.

Dave&Darsbunchofkids said...

I find myself doing laundry sometimes at 10-11 p.m.! I wake up and have little ones at me feet on the bed or right beside me. I used to not go to bed if there was a single dish in the sink. Now no matter when the last dish is done, somehow some more magically appear in the sink in the morning. If I always did something I was supposed to be getting done I would never sleep! As far as winter goes I was done with it befor it began! I am A warm weather person all the way! Exercise! That's all I get!

Ronda said...

I'm with ya...girl! The "tropical" vacation sounds pretty fabulous right now! I just bought an exercise video...I am hoping that if I do it on a routine basis that I will feel better! (I'll let you know! ha!)Have an "energized" Monday!

Jody J said...

I think you just described all moms (except those with a nanny and a housekeeper, bless their hearts!) The only thing I can't relate to is the upstairs thing since I don't have one. Everything else I'm right with you! I would even take a vacation to Gatlinburg. It doesn't have to be a "tropical" one!

tacomom said...

Vacation to Gatlinburg coming right up (spring break!) Anyone else heading that direction? It's been 2.5 yrs since we've been there.

LaDonna said...

Hey, you can bundle EVERYONE up and head on down...we're here with the doors and windows open today!!! I am rethinking the desire to have a 2 story house after reading this. And I always leave the last load in the dryer, doesn't everyone? Give me a call if you're in the area and we can shop, shop, shop!!!

Julie Waggoner said...

Ladonna, don't tempt me!
That sounds sooo good.