Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been run over

I think I've been hit by a Big Mac Truck! Appearently I have a sinus infection. I think I feel worse today than I did yesterday and that's not good. I haven't even had a cold all winter and I had to go get this.
I feel like I have a million things to do and I don't feel like it!!!!! GRRRR!
OH, well on to more positive things. I did get a few things done in Jordan's room. I will take some pictures soon. I kind of hate to before it is done but I guess I could show everyone the work in progress. I got him a rug and I think I will return it---hmmm doesn't sound like me huh? Sometimes I like to see stuff in the room before I know for sure if I will like it or not. So, I guess we are back to square one on that!
Thanks to everyone who gave me pointers on the camera post. Sounds like most of you think a Cannon Digital Rebel is the best. Did you hear that Jeff??? A Canon Digital Rebel they all said was the best.
Hope you all have a swell day and hope you all feel a whole lot better than me~


Anonymous said...

Hey, Julie! I have not read the comments on the Canon Digital Rebel, but I must confirm as we have one and I love it. We have had it for 2.5 years so I know they are faster and better than our model. It is easy to use and takes great pictures. I took pictures of Nicole, Allen and Joshua on the beach in Florida and they turned out awesome. I am not a photographer, but I have learned some techniques with this particular camera that has helped me capture some great photos. I think being able to shoot like it is film allows for better ability to focus, etc. I also have the Canon PowerShot SD800 (digital elph) to carry around in my purse. It is an awesome camera for its size. It also takes video which is great to have on hand. It is not as easy to take great pictures with though. If I am not careful I end up with a lot of "nostril" shots or "long" face shots. I am not sure of its speed, but it is pretty fast. I can download my pictures using the same software that the Rebel uses. The software is easy to use which is another great feature of the Rebel. We have not had any problems with the Rebel, but I did have the flash to stop firing on the Elph. Canon was great to work with and it is all over the Internet and shipping service. I had my camera back within 7 days working as good as new. Well, so much for my input - sorry to rattle on. Hey, did Jody tell you Nicole had a little girl on Dec 30th? Kaitlyn Nicole. She is adorable. She still has a head full of long dark hair. She pulls her own hair and makes herself cry. It is so funny. She is a good baby. Of course Nicole has her hands full. Alan has been in California finishing another phase in his F18 training. She is actually visiting mom and dad right now. Take care! Tonya

Anonymous said...

Tonya, great to hear from you! Would love to get niclole's address so I could send her a card! Hope we can sneak down and see you again sometime---I'm sure Kristofer is still adorable!(thanks for the camera info)

Dave&Darsbunchofkids said...

Well, whatever makes your sinus problems kick in is obviously the same thing that makes mine kick in. I remember we were bragging a little about not having any colds this year and WHAM! we both are having sinus problems now. Maybe we should have kept our mouths shut!LOL

Leah said...

Julie - hope you get to feeling better and I am looking forward to seeing the pics of the finished room!!