Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things I've Learned This Week

1. When a recipe says---cool completely before icing---it pretty much means cool completely before icing.(think chocolate creme cake)
2. When you drop a heavy stainless steel dutch oven on your big toe---it bruises immediately and hurts the rest of the evening
3. When you paint trim boards and one flips off the saw horses--it will land paint side down on the floor.
4. When you only have two more boards to paint---you will have to go get more paint--in the cold snow I might add.
5. When you work out of town only on Wed.----it will snow and rain and sleet on Tues. night invariably.
6. If you don't make your kids clean up there room---they won't!
7. You may think you have the laundry done----but---someone hasn't picked up the clothes in their bedroom--presto--you now have a fresh new dirty load waiting to be done.
8. If your 10 yr. old waits until 8P.M. to start his literature homework he will not have remembered to bring his book home from school.
9. You will invariably forget at least 5 things at the grocery store---make another special trip and still forget 1 thing(I know I really need a better list)


Michelle said...

Oh dear..and to think this is only Tuesday! I hope the rest of your week is better!

Angie Davis said...

You forgot to add #10: Husbands usually pick nights like this to work LATE! :(

Dave&Darsbunchofkids said...

I KNOW how you feel!

Leah said...

Julie - ok, this just cracked me up!! I hope things get easier for you and I am looking forward to the pictures of the finished project!!

Janiece said...

It sounds like you are living my life with some of those, HA!

Martha C said...

This post brought many smiles to a "fellow" mother!