Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mess Continues

How many of you remember me saying my upstairs was an obstacle course??? Well, here is the proof! Don't be alarmed---I cleaned up this mess on Monday and now there is another one in it's place. Mike came today to put up the trim in Jordan's room. So, I had the great privilege of painting baseboards for several hours. We are almost done! Yahoooooo!!!!!! I'll take some pictures of a cleaned up upstairs hopefully in a few days! I have to work tomorrow and go to church so I won't have time to do much. Until then----toodleloo!


Dave&Darsbunchofkids said...

Projects drive me NUTS until they are finished. my husband is just the opposite.I have stayed up til 1:00a.m. to finish one and he can't get the trim up in the bathroom from a year ago!lol At least it looks like your project it is well on the way to being finished.

The Going Blog said...

It is all going to be sooo worth it. Can't wait to see the finished project. It is getting time for us to move because the reasons why we moved in were that we didn't want to have to remodel or make repairs. Who knew we would be here 11 yrs. later? :) We aren't handy that way but I love to see when other people are.