Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm on my way to bed after a very, exhausting evening. I went to Laf. to get birthday presents for my twins. I asked Rachel if she wanted to and she did. On the way home we were almost to our exit and I see this car coming down toward us on the wrong side of the road-----I pulled all the way off the road and stopped while the car sped past us at prob. 60 mph heading straight for the semi that was behind us, just as he got to the semi he swerved and missed it. We took off because cars were weaving and trying to get off the road. The last we could see in the rearview was that car heading straight for 2 lanes of oncoming traffic!!!!! Needless to say we were very shaken!!!! I called 911 and the guy kept saying are you sure there was an accident---I'm like well I'm sure there is by now! We passed ambulances on their way out there! Wow---I just wanted to give my kids a big hug when I got home! I don't know yet what happened but 65 was closed down for 2 hrs. That will definitely stay with me for quite sometime!


Angie Davis said...

Um, Julie, are you sure YOU weren't on the wrong side? :)

tacomom said...