Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's vacation time but...
There is still laundry to do
The house still needs cleaned
The beds still need made
The kids still fight
I still have to cook(some)
I still have to do dishes

But somehow it's different and sooo much more relaxing----ahhhh I love vacation!
But I'll still be ready to get back home to the real world too! Isn't life good!


Leah said...

Hey, Julie! So sorry I missed you at church yesterday! I went with my husband up to Summerfield to a church where he preaches every once in awhile!! I hope you are having fun!! How much longer will you be down here?

Ronda said...

Are you STILL on vacation????? You lucky girl! Keep having fun!

Julie Waggoner said...

Ronda--let me explain---Jeff's brothers own a house in Florida. We get to stay here for 2 weeks for about the price that 2 days would cost in a motel! We usually fly here and they have a car in the garage that we can use! We drove this time--ugh! Jeff is self-employed(does web-sites) so unfortunetly he works off and on while we are here but we still enjoy it! They have a 3 bedroom house with a private in ground pool in the back!(just wanted to clear that up!ha!)

Ronda said...

That is FABULOUS! I am so happy for ya! Better yet that you get a great deal on vacationing! I was just kidding you anyway! Enjoy EVERY minute(sounds like you are)!!!!!