Friday, August 22, 2008

Back on Track

Wow! This week has flown by. I think the kids are getting in the groove of school again. Although it's hard to let the summertime fun go, it is sooo much better for us to get back on a schedule. By the time summer is over we are sooo out of control it seems. I had forgotten that 6:30 comes two times a day!ha I am getting alot more done because I actually have a morning. Can't say that I have necessarily wanted to get up but I feel much better.
Every year when they all go back to school I get the "cleaning out" bug. I think we must trash everything all summer or something. I got Jaida's room cleaned out before school started. I feel like I'm kind of picky about their rooms so I'm always shocked when I come up with a whole trash bag of stuff to throw out. I have to sneak around a little to do it!ha Yesterday I started tackling Jalen's room. It has been on my nerves soooo bad lately. Just needed scrubbed down and cleaned out. Once again I have almost 2 bags of trash out of there. It's just impossible to keep up with! I'm sure all you mom's out there know what I mean. He had a little basket with junk in it that I was throwing away. He noticed and said----what did you just do with all that stuff???? I should've gotten it done before he got home from school. So, that trash will have to go later when he has forgotten about it!ha
I guess I'm going to be doing a craft with the kids on Thurs. afternoon again this year. Might have gotten out of it but Jaida informed her teacher that I come in and do art with them. Of course Mrs. Coleman was all for that. I'm usually frantically searching the internet the night before so if anyone has any great ideas let me know. I am not going to be volunteering the whole day on Thurs. so maybe I can be a little more organized about it. I enjoy doing it.
Well, I need to get up and get busy. Even though kids are in school somehow the work doesn't seem to stop! Kind of amazing huh? The laundry still needs to be done and the house is still dirty and the bills still need paid.


Janiece said...

Isn't it amazing how much junk one bedroom can hold? HA! I have to clean my kids rooms when they are gone too, or they stand over me saying "what are you doing with that?" I have started allowing them to fill one tote with items they want to keep out to "play with" and the rest has to be put away. It fits nice and neat under their beds, so they can actually see their headboards and get into their beds at night, lol. I don't how well it is working, but we will give it some time.

Ronda said...

We just finished cleaning out drawers and closets! Amazing what kids can accumulate! :)

Anonymous said...

Travis room was always the pits. He would have 25 sockes (i counted them once) under his bed, 3 or 4 empty cereal boxes and packs of cheese under his pillow. i was always surprised that we didn't have rats.

Julie Waggoner said...

Gina, that's hilarious! I wonder if he still hides cheese under his pillow?? I know he does like it alot!

Michelle said...

Julie - try this blog.

I love some of the ideas listed and have done a couple with the kids.

Or here's another one:

They both have links by age group and I think have links to other art idea sites.

Good luck!