Wednesday, August 6, 2008


O.K. I'm about to collapse for the day. I decided to go ahead and clean by myself today. I got a new house to clean and I had 2 others to do. I came home very tired and then had to run big kids to VBS bus, run home get little kids and me ready for VBS and go help. Whew did we have a crowd tonight, I think they said there were 150 there. I was amazed at how quiet everyone was on Monday night. I forgot that as the week goes by they get really rowdy and loud! I came home to a disastrous house and I'm too tired to even care! It will have to wait until tomorrow---I hope to goodness I don't have unexpected company toight!ha Don't any of you even think about visiting tonight--I'll pretend like I'm not home.
I think I'm pretty sure what I'll be doing tomorrow.

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Tamra said...

Wow! You were truckin' right along with three houses - all in one day! That's basically exercising most of the day. You go girl!