Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bat update

Just wanted you all to know that the bat that disappeared, reappeared in Jaida's room on Thurs. night. She calmly went and got Jeff(thankfully he was home this time)and told him it was in her room on the door way. It was kind of funny the day before when I told him about the bat and he was kind of laughing saying that men kind of "take care" of those sorts of things acting really not chalant(sp?) about it but deep down inside he is really creeped out too!haha He said he HATES the stupid things. Anyhoo, he got a paper sack and we all watched at the doorway. He attempted to scoop the thing into the bag and it flew away---Jaida, Jalen, and I all screamed and ran!hehe(that would have been a great video). He said he caught it midair in the sack. They took it outside and let it go---it will probably be back with my luck when Jeff is gone again!!

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