Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tetanus shot and Dentist Appt

Jaida had a little accident last night. She was playing with a bunch of girls in a horse barn and stepped on a corsage needle. She said she thought it was just a piece of "pokey" hay so she walked on it for a min.(ouch) She told Breanna that she had something in her foot---when they looked down they saw a pin coming up through her foot and sticking out the top----(gives me the chills). It was between her little toe and the next one up so the pin just came all the way out. They got it out and she was fine. I called the Dr. today and he said she needed a tetanus shot. It was weird when I told her she acted excited about getting a shot. I said---are you nervous--she said--no, I want to get one because I don't remember what it feels like, and besides I already got a shot in my foot!ha She did great and didn't make a peep.(very weird!) The other excitment for the day was I had the priviledge of getting a BIG filling redone today! I can hardly contain myself with all this fun stuff that went on today. Funny thing was, when I got there the assistant came out and said "you do know your appt. is next Tues?" (ha)um, no, I thought it was today----I was really early--like a whole week. I still go to Dr. Lande who I used to work for and it is 45min. away. I was lucky that they had time to work me in! I was soooo mad at myself because I didn't want to go today anyway.
Oh, I also got to go buy 4 pairs of shoes for school(another ouch!) I think I need a second job around this time of year!
Anyone else have a "fun" day


Ronda said...

Not as "fun" as THAT! :) So sorry!

Martha C said...

I probably shouldn't be chuckling, but. . . You had a cute way of stating the calamities!

Anonymous said...

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