Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catching up

Thought I would at least let everyone know that we are alive and well. We got back from Friends Camp late Sunday night, technically it was Monday morning. Jordan and Janae stayed behind and spent the night and came home with Jenny. They heard that the last night is the most fun so I let them stay. I was determined to do better about getting stuff put away etc. When we came home from Florida I had left a clean house and I didn't bring home any laundry so it should have been very easy. Since it seemed soooo easy I didn't get right on stuff and it was a week before I had everything put away. Well, this time I wasn't sure if we could go because the motor home we always borrow(Waggoner family's)was having some trouble. Needless to say I didn't start really packing until Monday afternoon and we left at 5:30 P.M. Soooo, I left a dirty house with stuff just lying around and piled up. I did laundry that day so we would have clothes so my laundry room was an unorganized chaotic mess!
Anyway, I'm almost done with my cleaning, sorting, laundrying, picking up, folding, and putting away. I now need to go finish cleaning the motor home and get all towels and sheets back in it.
We all had a great time at camp. It was even easier than last year since Jaida is 7 now she played outside all day long with her friends. Jalen and Jaida loved childrens service and really got into it. Jordan and Janae stayed in the dorms this year so that freed up some space in the motor home(those things might seem really big but when you get 5 or 6 people in them they suddenly seem very small).
We started VBS at church last night. Whew, I'm a "pod" leader and all I really had to do was watch 5 kids all night as we went from station to station. So, why was I worn out by the end????? Is it age or just tiredness from everything? I'm sticking with tiredness. I think we had around 100, not bad for the first night. A little boy that came with Rachel was sure it would be boring. After it was over she asked him and he said it was only a "little bit" boring. Then she asked if he was coming back and he said "yes"!ha I thought that was cute.
Well, since I was planning on having the kids mow it is raining and has been alllll morning. Bet they hate that since they are still snoozing away.
Jordan has another ear appt. today. He is still having problems with it and I'm a little concerned. He still can't hear out of it very well because it has fluid on it most of the time. The Dr. wanted us to get another CT scan but they are $800.00 and he knows our insurance won't cover it so we are just waiting to see what to do next.
I'm getting the itch to do some more picture taking---feel sorry for my kids. The big ones won't be pleased.ha I'v been telling them I have plenty of pictures of Jaida because she is willing but I need some of them. If I get around to taking some I'll be sure to post--I know this rambling is quite boring and pictures are sooo much better!
School starts next Fri. Cannot believe it. Even Jaida thinks this summer went fast. I thought summers seemed like eternity when I was her age. Although we didn't have to go back in the middle of August. I think it's a crime how early they have to start now and I really don't think they are any better off than we were.
I still have quite a bit to do to get ready, order some more uniforms, get school supples, shoes, etc. It can get quite expensive when you have to buy 4 pairs of tennis shoes.
Well, I really need to go finish folding laundry and I didn't mean to make a book out of this. Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Leah said...

Julie, methinks I have a daughter who thinks that Jordan and Janae are "the best"! I am so glad she got to know them a bit! It will make the move a little easier! Glad you had a good time and enjoy getting your stuff put away and the laundry and cleaning done!

Ronda said...

Glad that you had fun at camp...It is always a huge job getting everything back in order, isn't it? Hope that your V.B.S. goes well!

Anonymous said...

Leah, Janae is so hilarious(not very social)but she really branched out this year. Katie and Megan came over and told her she was staying in the dorm. She loved it and I think was glad they didn't give her an option. She was sitting by Carrie one night at the picnic table and I was across from her---she pointed at Carrie and said "I like her". Carrie probably thinks she is nuts! She is sooo exicted for all of them to move here. I'm hoping it will help her get more involved!
Thanks Rhonda---we did have alot of fun and I STILL have laundry to fold and put away. My little laundry room looks like some sort of explosion took place. VBS has made it a little harder to get everything done. Oh, well it will still be there tomorrow--sigh

Leah said...

For the record Julie - that was Ashley, not Carrie!!! That sorta made me chuckle!!!!!