Friday, August 15, 2008

Tower comes down

Just had to share a little something funny. I ran to the bank today and while I was gone Dad called and told Jalen they were taking down the water tower over by the old tomato factory.(thanks Dad) So, of course Jalen wanted to go watch. Jalen, Jaida, and I got in the van and raced across town for the excitement. I think you know you live in a small town when it looks like 500 people show up for an event like this!ha There were cars parked in rows in an empty lot and people standing around watching. Jalen said it reminded him of the 4th of July(it really wasn't that crowded). Anyway, we sat there for quite awhile and I was threatening to leave because nothing was happening. The kids turned on a Brady Bunch DVD and laid back their seats. I was gawking around and all of the sudden Jalen goes-----oh, man we missed it!!!!! I looked up and voila the tower was on the ground!! All of that time waisted for absolutely nothing!!! I about cracked up! Probably won't be anything that exciting in Frankfort for a loooong time!hehe


tacomom said...

That is too funny (that you waited and missed it in one split second)! I think we were the only ones watching when the new one went up here. And later when the old came down it was me and a few ladies from the library since we were watching out the library window.

ginasmitherman said...

i remember my dad working in that tomato factory when he was in college at FPC, said he watched some man use the ketsup for his spit bucket. gag me with a spoon, i stil think of that everytime i got by there.