Sunday, June 10, 2007

cute comments by Jaida and Jalen

I asked Jalen and Jordan to help with the housework before we left for our trip. Jalen was headed into to family room with the swiffer over his shoulder like it was a rifle. I said "you're going to be my chore boy" Jalen said "I'd rather be your soldier boy and die and go to heaven"! Guess boys don't like house work huh?

In the motel Jaida talking about kids being able to remember things---"kids have more room for memory"--maybe she has heard her dad talk about gigabytes or something too much.

Jaida has been staring at herself in the mirror every chance she gets since she has poison ivy. On the way home (both eyes are swollen now and look a little oriental) she told me that she finally looks like she has always wanted to look--all she needs is black hair with a bun on the back of her head!!!! poor kid has noooo idea how bad she really looks.

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