Thursday, June 28, 2007

Housecleaning and Hershey

I planned on getting alot done today! What a joke. I was making myself get moving on housecleaning and remembered that three girls from our church were coming in the morning to do their hired work. We did the HAT(hire a teen)a while back and I haven't had them come yet. They work for 4 hrs. each and we donate to their missions trip. So---I thought if 3 girls are coming in the morning why in the world would I clean my house today. Instead I started cleaning out stuff--cabinets, china cabinet,etc. I plan on a garage sale(yes Kathy I'll let you know when if you really sant to know)soon and have been slowly cleaning out. How on earth can I have a garage sale every year??? Don't know where the stuff comes from?
In other news--We found a stray kitten last night and you know the rest of the story! I guess it will join our family. Not that we really need it! We already have a cat but the kids were thrilled. Their other cat is Skittles, so since this one is all black(had white whiskers and back paws have white tips) Janae named it Hershey. They have had alot of fun with it today.

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Catrena said...

Be sure and let me too when you have your sale.