Friday, June 15, 2007

Just a thought

Isn't it funny how a teenager will wear the same sweatshirt for 3 days straight unless you tell them not too(then they will argue that it isn't really dirty) but when they clean their room every piece of clothing that isn't in the closet or drawer is suddenly "DIRTY" and goes straight into the laundry! Just was wandering about that logic!HA:)


tacomom said...

I wouldn't know about wearing the same shirt three days in a row (my kids change 3 times a daY!) But I certainly identify with everything becoming dirty when it's time to put it away. I HATE THAT!!

Martha C said...

We have more problems with food. There is a certain picky child here that will panic at all new vegetables or fruit, but will try anything that looks like it has chocolate.

Julie Waggoner said...

martha, I have a very picky eater too. I don't know what happened because the other three are good eaters--even like raw veg. and fruit, etc. The picky eater makes life miserable because he never wants what is fixed----sometimes i feel like pulling out my hair!!GRRR! let me know if you come up with some magic.