Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Jody had a post the other day of things she hates---I being the positive thinker(HAHAHAHAHA---roll on the floor!!) thought I would post things I love----let me know what some of your favorite things are!
Looking in on my kids AFTER they are asleep(they look so innocent)!
Sitting on my porch swing(At least 5 min. a day)
Bringing home surprises for the kids
Drinking vanilla cokes from Milky Way
Going shopping and finding bargains
Decorating my house
The smell of food in the crock pot(because it means I actually planned ahead)
Burning candles
Going out to eat with my Husband (all by ourselves)
Putting on a brand new pair of hose on sun. morning without runners(ha)
Listening to a thunderstorm in the night


Kerry said...

Its the simple things I like,
Walking on the beach,
Cooking for friends and family,
Sitting in the sun,
Lying on my back watching the clouds race by,
A nice glass of wine,
Sleeping in,
Open fires on a cold winters day.

LaDonna said...

A few...sitting on my porch swing, holding a freshly bathed baby (they smell so good!), wearing new socks, reading a magazine that just arrived in the mail, hearing my family say, "I love you!"

jody j said...

The smell of rain.
Hearing my kids bare feet pat across the kitchen floor.
Getting my house all cleaned!
Going out on a date (with my hubby, of course).
A great Italian meal.
Reading a great book.

tacomom said...

getting an awesome photo,
playing a game with no distractions,
finishing a scrapbook layout that looks exactly like I envisioned,
a good laugh,
feeling God's presence in a service,
rocking a baby to sleep,
freshly bathed kids,
and awesome harmony,
are just a few...