Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Treehouse

Jeff started building the kids a treehouse a couple of years ago. Jalen keeps having "new" plans for it and keeps on Jeff to finish it. So, today was supposed to be the day. It has only rained here like 2 times all month but of course it has rained off and on all day!(we really do need it!) I don't really think they mind much because it is sooo cool out. Hopefully the treehouse will be done soon! If it isn't it's not a lack of Jalen asking! Ha! I will say I am glad Jalen wanted it built in because Jeff (being the male of the family and not worrying about someone getting hurt) built it soooo high that it is a little scarry!


tacomom said...

How fun! I don't know if I have ever been up in a treehouse. Sad, isn't it?

julie said...

come on over--I'm sure Jalen won't mind if you play in his treehouse!