Friday, June 15, 2007

Jordan home and doing good!

Poor Jordan--has nooooo idea I just posted a picture of him. He had been very out of it since surgery. I kind of am too since we had to get up at 5:00 A.M.! THe surgery went very well. The cholesteatoma was wrapped around all the small bones of hearing and even up in the arch of the stirrup bone(according to the Dr.--I don't know much at all about ears). He was able to take it out piece by piece and leave all the bones intact. There was a possibility that it would have to be done in two separate surgeries but he got it all!! He put tubes in both ears. The left ear drum was retracted into the middle ear and he said as soon as he placed the tube the eardrum started coming back into place. His hearing should be alot better! He said that when we wear earplugs we have 30% hearing loss. Jordan had 20% loss in one ear and up to 60%loss in the other ear. So, he wasn't hearing well at all. Short story long--He will now hear his mother when she tells him to clean his room---NO EXCUSES! Ha!(I think I will see about ear surgery for the rest of the family-HA!) We are very thankful for how it turned out and thanks to everyone who left comments and said they were praying!!!! We appreciate it very much and I'm certain that's why it turned out so good! And please don't anyone tell Jordan that I posted his picture--he would kill me!
P.S.Isn't it a little cruel to do surgery on a kids ear and then make them get up and go home 1 hr. later!!! The nurse came in like 30 min. after surgery and said well Jordan you can go home anytime now--as Jordan is like passed out! She said don't you want to go home to your own bed---I'm thinking no I really doubt he cares about his how bed right now! ha! He just wants to sleeeeeeeeppppppp!
P.S.S. Forgot to say-- so I can brag on Jordan--the Dr. went on and on about how good of a kid he was and how polite he was etc. I thought it was a little funny since he was under anesthetic most of the time but maybe the Dr. sees really rude 14yr olds?! And Jordan is a very good kid and I'm proud of him(in case he reads this blog I need redemption for posting the picture:)!


Lisa said...

I didn't know it was today....glad it went well, I will let my Jordan know...guess he won't want to spend the night tonight!! :)

Julie Waggoner said...

wow I just posted that
you are fast!

Travis Johnson said...

Glad he's home & doing well. And yes, he is a good kid!

Michelle said...

Glad everything went well. Everything will probably seem loud to him now for a time!

LaDonna said...

Poor kid!! And I thought I was a mean mom for the photos I've posted on the web! Ha!! Glad to hear it went well.

Susanna Pilmore said...

I'm glad to hear everything went good. I hope he recovers really fast. They sure kick you out of the hospital as fast as they can anymore!! I think you and Jody need to take a small vacation and come see us!!!

julie said...

we were just talking about you today(it was really bad stuff:)and jody said we need to go to Susanna's and help her paint. So, we need to just plan that!

Julie said...

forgot to mention that we would need to sneak a shopping trip in!!