Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yard work! Yuck!

I actually planted some flowers this year. Hate doing it and I didn't at all last year and regretted it later. So this year we did!


Carrie said...

You know, with all the "landscaping" (HA!) we did across the road, you'd never dream that Robert has all of a sudden developed a green thumb and has been planting furiously (and even reading landscaping books)!

Sometimes I have to just stand back and shake my head at this same man that mowed over my little tree on Washington Ave. 3 times!

Julie said...

That's funny! We aren't landscapers by any stretch of the imagination! Paul and Catrena came over a few years ago and help us lay out the front. I wanted enough stuff so I wouldn't have to plant very much in the summer! I HATE YARD WORK!!! Robert was probable paranoid to mow let alone landscape when you lived across the street!!!! Wouldn't that story make a great blogging post someday?? Ha!