Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Checking In

I thought I better let everyone know that I am having a really rough time. I got up around 10 AM yesterday(because I stayed up way too late) had cinnamon toast and coffee, leisurely got dressed and headed out the door at noon. It was a rough day at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Target but somebody has to do the work around here!hehe I came back around 5 and took Jaida out to a couple of stores down the road. She is so hilarious when she is all by herself. She talks non-stop and acts like a teenager. We were shopping at Bealls outlet and she came up to me and said "mom, there are alot of unpleasant things in this world" I said "really" and she told me she had seen a package of pantyhose!(hehehehe) I about cracked up! I guess she didn't think the picture on the package was very appropriate. She of course wanted to buy stuff and she has a little money but it was funny because she would buy something and say "I still have $10 left"-----I think she spent the same 10 like 3 times! She scares me a little because I see myself in her way tooooo much!
So, that's my little girl but my big girl is a little more like her dad(that's a good thing), she wants to go spend the day at Barnes and Noble!ha! She has spent her vacation reading and drawing(she is quite good at it) How can two kids be sooo different? The boys are having fun too. They all go swimming off and on all day.
Before we left I had 2 really annoying mosquito bites on my arm. Turns out it is poison ivy!!!!! I am going crazy itching!!!! I don't know how on earth Jaida didn't go crazy last summer when it was all over her face and eyes! I have a renewed sympathy to anyone who gets it! I woke up all night itching. Any advice out there?
In other hilarious news----when I got back yesterday the kids had a surprize for me they said. They wouldn't tell me what it was so I looked around and finally realized Jeff had a new haircut! I was still laughing at midnight last night about it. It was long and bugging him so he found scissors, went outside and told Janae to cut it!(very unlike anything he would normally do). I am hoping to get my camera before it grows too much so I can give you all a sneek peek. It isn't horrible but the back has two gouges that are above his hairline and then the sides in the back are still long. There is also a gouge above his right ear. I think I just coudn't believe that he would hand scissors to a 15yr old that has never cut hair and say go at it!!!!! I'm still in shock.
Well, it is almost 11 A.M. and I have lots of work to do(hehehe)so I must go!


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough go of things there. LOL Care to come back and take my kids to their dental appt bright and early tomorrow morning? I'll trade you!

Bobbie said...

You have got to get a picture of him. I can't imagine him letting Janae cut his hair. Too funny.

Julie Waggoner said...

Michelle, one of my least favorite things is appt. for the kids! Kind of messes up the whole day huh?
P.S. I'll be right there bright and early--have them ready

Carrie said...

Sigh. I haven't had my big bout of poison ivy yet this year. Just little spots here and there after chasing Sprite through the woods.

Even typing "poison ivy" sends itchy feelings up my legs.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Great post. Thanks for the smiles.