Sunday, June 29, 2008


I had a fun day yesterday! I have never been to an IKEA store and I figured there was probably one somewhere here in Florida so I looked it up online. There was one 1hr and 30 min. away in Sunrise Fl. Since everyone has been staying up half the night and sleeping half the day I got up and left around 10 A.M. I got the directions right off their website and took off. It had me taking the turnpike. I am not very confident on that crazy road---I kind of panick when I have to pay the toll cause everyone else knows what they are doing and I feel like a dummy! So I get on the turn pike and cruise along for like an hr or so and pull into the toll booth and the guy says--ticket please---I panick a little and say--um I don't have a ticket I haven't passed any booth to get one. He says--where did you get on?---so I tell him and he says--oh that's for people with Sunpasses only(prepaid tickets for tolls)I about died. He said they take pictures of license plates and if you don't have the pass you could get a $100 fine! I told him I didn't know what I was doing I just went by the directions online!hehe! He was very nice and gave me a receipt. So we will see---I may end up with a fine--or I guess Kim and Steve actually would since it was there car I was in!hehe(Merry Christmas!)
If any of you like to decorate or look at stuff and ever get the chance go to IKEA. It was a very interesting experience. When I pulled in it was like I was at an amusement park or something. They had people actually directing traffic to the parking garages. You walk in this humongous building with 2 levels, cafeteria,and kids play place. You are immediately ushered upstairs to there show room. It is living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. in little sections. So, cool! If you see something that you want you write it down on a pamphlet and pick it up in the warehouse. Downstairs is all the housewares stuff. They had lots of sales and cheap things. I wished someone was with me to share the experience but I still had a good time dreaming! By the time I left it was wall to wall people. Mostly people who spoke a different language. I wouldn't recommend taking kids unless dad is taking them to the play area. I saw alot of frustrated parents and alot of tired kids.
I came home and we all headed for the beach. We learned that if you go in the evening you are alone! It was alot of fun for the kids.
Beth W. sent my camera(thanks Beth)it should be here tomorrow so I can start posting some pics. I have missed it so much! I could have had a whole scrap book just of people sleeping!hehe!
We have been fixing breakfast here(you know at like 2 P.M.) and just grabbing something fast food!! Yuck! I think I need to detox! So, we went to Walmart last night and I fixed regular Sunday dinner today! Yum! Beef, noodles, mashed potatoes,gravy, corn, green beans, carrots,and rolls(good ol sister shuberts). It really hit the spot! When Jaida asked for that salad stuff with the hamburger and potatoes(cabbage, sausage and red potates)I knew we needed something good in us!
So, that's our life for the last 2 days. We plan on going to Cyprus Gardens on Tues. and maybe another day because you can buy one ticket and go back a second day within 6 days!
So, toodles for now! Have a good one

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