Tuesday, June 17, 2008

18th Anniversary!

Where does the time go? We had our 18th Anniversary on Sun. June 15th. I really don't think I'm old enough to be married 18 yrs.(Back then I thought 20 was plenty old enough to get married!hehe) We haven't really celebrated yet but Jeff did get me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


tacomom said...

Happy Anniversary (belated!) I laugh when I remember thinking I was going to be an old maid for life at age 21 :) But we had about four old maids that attended our "sister" church (not good examples of growing old with no hubby) and most all my friends were married already. So there are my two reasons for freaking out :)

You guys and Paul and Belinda (Riggs) Stence share the same anniversary.

Janiece said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Our
14th is coming up in July, I can't hardly believe that either.