Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Time Draweth Nigh

Believe it or not we are finally going on vacation. We will leave Fri. if all goes as planned. We are not flying to Florida(we are driving) this time so therefore we can say we will leave at a certain time and then it will probably be about 2 hrs. later that we actually pull out of the drive---that's not counting when we pull back in 10 min. later because we forgot something. That is one thing I do like about flying-we always leave when we are supposed too!ha!
Since we are leaving on vacation I got the bright idea that I really wanted my cabinets painted before I leave!! So, I have been working very hard today! If I ever say "hmm I think I'll paint my cabinets" anytime soon-----someone come over and kick me in the seat! MY BACK IS ACHING!!!!!!! I did the lower frames and one side of the doors in about an hr! So, I thought wow that went great-----------then----------I started the top whew! I have to use oil base paint and it is a bear and I had to stand on my knees on the counter(God forbid I go find a ladder--that might be too easy on me). My cabinets go all the way to the ceiling so then I was standing on the counters with my neck bent so my head woudn't hit the ceiling. I probably will feel really old in the morning when I get up--if I can! I'm still sore from working in the yard yesterday. Anyway the cabinets all have one coat except the back of one door. My house reeks because of the oil base paint. Oh, by the way they are painted "less brown"---that's the name of the color. Since I got such overwhelming advice on what color(harhar--thanks everyone soo sooo much for your support!he) to paint them I just went ahead and went with something different.(imagine that?)
I have to work tomorrow and then Thursday I need to clean my dirty house and pack I also need to fit paying bills for us and our business. I think I will probably be busy for the next few days--aye?
If I don't catch up in the next few---I'll catch up in the sunny state of Florida!
Toodle Loo!

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Leah said...

Happy Anniversary, enjoy your vacation, don't forget to post pictures of the new kitchen and make sure you stop in and say hello when you are on vacation!!