Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of those good days!

Well, I had a much better day than the previous post! I got up this morning not really knowing how much I could expect out of myself!hehe But, I actually did pretty well. I cleaned most of my house, took kids to park, watched them outside while they played with friends and family on a slip and slide, fixed supper, and sanded 5 cabinet doors and 4 drawers. Not bad eh? My body is very tired though I might add---I'm getting too old for all of that activity in one day.
A cute thing that Jaida said today---Jalen and Jaida were discussing the age of Grandpa Mowery. Jalen said---he's 94 going for 95, Jaida replied---let's see if he can make it to 100! I about cracked up! I guess it's a game maybe--the game of life!ha!
Sorry I haven't posted any pictures lately. My computer messed up and they had to reformat it so voila---all my pictures were toast! So, I have to load them again and before I am allowing myself to do that I am going to go to Walmart and get some prints made so I can delete some of them on my computer. I had too many on here and it took up too much space.
I'm like Jalen---I'm already afraid the summer is going too fly by toooooo fast. I think we are going to Florida in a week or so and we will stay for a couple of weeks. We will go to Friends camp for a week and school starts the middle of August this year, so it will go sooo fast!
Happy summer time to all!!!


Leah said...

Where are you going in Florida and when and please come far enough south to see Hobe Sound?!?!?!?

Julie Waggoner said...

Leah--We plan to leave on Fri. the 20th. We stay in Port St. Lucie at Jeff's brothers house(Steve Waggoner). Last time we came we came to Hobe Sound on one of the Sundays---we probably will this time too! I'll try to let you know when. Probably not the first Sunday because we are driving this time and will get in there sometime on Sat.