Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poison I-veee-eeeee Poison I v---eeeee

ok so the poison ivy is still ITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally looked it up online and found out some interesting facts about it!!!
1.scratching it isn't what makes it spread(wish I would have know that from day 1 I wouldn't have been sooooo stressed out)
2. if you know you've gotten into it you can wash immediately and probably won't break out(definitely wish I would have known that!!!!!!!!! I will from now on wash thoroughly every time I work in the yard)
3. It isn't contagious(Janae treated me like I had the plague until I found this out understandably so---she has had many bouts with it--once before spring had even come--someone said there must have been spores in the air!)
4.You only get it where the oil actually touched your skin. It just takes longer for some areas to break out(hence the continual spreading for a week---thats very distressing)
5. No, it isn't smart to eat it so you won't be allergic to it! It can make you very sick(I would NEVER do that in a thousand years can't imagine my insides itching-hehe!)
6. It basically itches from the very beginning(when you think it is the worst mosquito bites you've ever had)to the very end(when it finally starts drying up like a yr. later!)

so, now that we've covered that----while we were trying to get everyone in the car at the beach I got eaten up with mosquitos!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!! an ant even bit me at the park today!!!!! I think I'm going to just itch to death!!!!!!!

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