Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just forgot to post what Jaida said the other day when we went out to shop. Normally when we come to Florida we get to drive Kim and Steve's BMW convertible. This time it isn't running so to save on gas I am using their KIA instead of driving the van everytime I go to town. Here is our conversation:
Jaida-Mom can we drive the convertible?
Me---no, it isn't running we are driving the other car
Jaida---does it have a top that goes down?
Me---no(we get in this little cheapo Kia that in no way compares to the BMW)
Jaida---Mom this car isn't cool----I think our van is more cool than this----Mom, is our van more cool than this????hehehhehehehe
How does a 7 yr old know that a KIA isn't what you would call a cool car????


Jody J said...

That's hilarious. I have no idea how they know what is cool, but they do!

Martha C said...

Too funny! Love the haircut story also! :-) Your family brings me many chuckles.