Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bargains(in case you care)

I should probably post about the great bargains I got at The Children's Place outlet. I got Jaida, Shaylee, and Karris very cute pajamas with a monkey on the front for Christmas. They cost $.99 ea.(shhh don't tell them) I also got Alyssa some summer jammies for her birthday for $2.99. I called Jody because I knew Kendrick was in need of some clothes. I got him 9 things for $23.00. Most of the stuff I got him was $1.99 each.(including those adorable patchwork sports coats they had) I love it when you can get garage sale prices at real stores!


Carrie said...

Oooh, I love that too! You got some really great deals!

Jody J said...

Could you meet me in Alabama next week with all those clothes so Kendrick will have something to wear to camp? :) It would only be about a nine hour drive for you.

Anonymous said...

sure Jody, after 20 hrs whats a mere 9 more?
P.S. Your blog won't let me leave a comment---what's it's problem?