Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No speaka espanol???

Just curious to know if anyone would know why my blog is coming up in spanish now??? There is a place to set the language but English is somehow not listed as an option now? I'm stumped. Once I sign in it is in English but I have to remember where to put my email address and pass word cause thats all in Spanish! Can someone help me please??? Oh--by the way--- once I finally sit down to blog I have alot of pics etc. but it's just finding the time----I've been a few steps behind on EVERYTHING since my kids got out for Christmas break!!!!!!
Adios Amigos!
Also its like Alaska here in Indiana today-----------I'm an ice cube!!!(I'm sorry but -15 windchill feels like Alaska to me!)

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Jody J said...

Alaska is more like -40. So we better not complain! :)