Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, we are almost done with Jordan's room. Seems like forever but we have only had work done on it off and on. I picked out a bedspread for him so I can get the paint colors. He actually liked it! He is alomst 15 now and seems to be getting quite picky about certain things. I'll take pics of it and post so maybe you all can give me some really interesting ideas:) He wanted navy blue(not my choice!) the bedspread has blue, grayish taupe, and brown and has geometric like shapes, etc. So, I'm hoping to be creative and paint with those 3 colors and maybe do some horizontal stripes or squares or something! Any ideas???? We need to paint so the trim can be put up and the flooring(I think wood of some kind), and the ceiling isn't finished. I think we are going to put that gavanized metal on the ceiling. We did that on one wall in the boys room and it is really cool.(I give Rachel credit for that idea) I got the primer for the walls today so we can go to town painting!yippeee!
Have a great night!

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